Service Contracts

We offer service contracts through 3 of the largest and most trusted providers in the country, Allstate®; CostGuard and Wheelz. You can get up to a 96 month or 125,000 mile bumper to bumper type coverage contract depending on the age and mileage of each vehicle. Any of our sales consultants can assist with any questions and you can download a pdf copy of the coverages here: Allstate® | CostGuard | Wheelz | Tru VSC

Gap Protection

Full term gap policies that last the life of your loan through Ownerguard and the credit unions we provide. You can see the details of the gap policy here.

Complete Car Care

Complete car care offers added protection for the cosmetics inside and out of your vehicle including loss of keys & key fobs for up to 5 years of coverage and unlimited miles with absolutely no deductible. Click here for details.

Life and Disability Insurance

Life and Disability is a state regulated product that allows the full loan to be paid off in case of death and also provides payment guarantee for the length of time that you are out of work for 2 weeks or more due to injury or illness. Click here for details.


Click here for details.

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